Katti and Ee'da facilitate 'Embodied Voice' workshop at Seven Sisters Festival

'A Good Life' is the the National Youth Week award winning song written by the 'WEL's angels' - a group of young people from diverse multicultural migrant and refugee backgrounds participating in the 'Embodied Voice' program, a transformational community arts project in Melbourne's Western suburbs led by Melbourne performing artists Katt 'Kattimoni' Beames and Eeda Brahim. 'A Good Life' produced by Wayne 'Lotek' Bennett, is a collective response to the question; How can we live a good life? In what ways can we work together to create a good future?

Participants at Western English Language School

Embodied Voice workshop at Goodwill Nation & Mitta Studio's Multicultural Fashion Event @ The Social Studio

United Voices

Community Arts and Wellbeing workshops

Catering inclusively to women and girls of all ages and abilities from diverse social demographics and cultural backgrounds, Soul Muma Consulting works in partnership to tailor holistic expressive arts and well-being programs to suit the needs of schools, community groups and organizations.
The Untied Voices program supports women and youth to develop confidence in having their voices and experiences heard and to develop valuable leadership, communication and presentation skills in a safe and creative environment.
Utilizing singing, spoken-word, songwriting, creative arts, movement and mindfulness based practices to foster community connection, empower positive transformation and promote expanded levels of creativity, communication and well-being.
Recent programs and workshops:
  • ‘Youth Voices’ song and dance program with young people from diverse multicultural migrant and refugee backgrounds at Western English Language School and Braybrook Community Centre via Maribyrnong City Council. 
  • 'Rise Up' at Hume Valley School for young girls with mild intellectual disabilities in partnership with  Victorian Government Initiative ‘The Push’.
  • With newly arrived refugee and migrant women through New Hope Foundation.
  • International Women’s Day events for young girls from diverse cultural & linguistic backgrounds via Victorian Arabic Social Services
  • ‘Harmony Day’ workshops for young people with mild intellectual disabilities promoting sisterhood, diversity and anti-bullying via Lotus consulting
  • ‘Embodied Voice’ women’s arts and embodiment workshop at Seven Sisters Festival
  • ‘Creation Activation’ 6 week transformational arts program for women to activate their creative potential at the Big West Community Arts Centre (Footscray) and Jibasso Studio (St. Kilda) 
  • 'Throat Chakra' Men’s workshops for The Spiral’s ‘Integrated Man’ program
  • Song and dance workshops, performances and birthday parties for young children 2-8 years old with Colour Me Music
  • Asylum seekers at Broadmeadows detention centre with not-for-profit  multicultural women's artist network, Sisters For Sisters
  • 'Universal Grooves' community music workshop in partnership with Wild Moves International Centre for Drum and Dance on the Surf coast
  • Youth programs for NAIDOC week at  PCYC Broome
  • ‘The Art of Song’  5 week song-writing programs at Spring Creek Community Centre
  • Goodwill Nation and Mitta Studio’s Multicultural Fashion show via The Social Studio



Katti presents with commitment and grace, radiating a positive flow of energy to her audience. She is able to engage in a gentle and influential way with young people at risk of social marginalisation. She is flexible and adaptable to cultural and faith diversity.

The Embodied Voice workshops allowed the students to express themselves through voice both individually and collectively spreading messages of peace and social connectedness.

I highly recommend Katti for future workshops with promote social cohesion, peacebuilding and healthy relationships with self and others.

-Lisa Tribuzio, Manager, Lotus Consulting Itl


"It was fun, it pushed me, it helped me to feel connected to myself and to believe in myself more. The positive energy always left me feeling lifted when i would leave"

- Tina

"I loved the safe space to be vulnerable. I have more self-love and self-confidence to express myself. Embodied Voice empowered me to create by letting myself be really present and inspired and share things i create with others."

- Mary-Ann


‘I looked forward to every week not knowing what to expect next. We were gently facilitated in to a sacred journey of self discovery through music, creative writing and dance. I discovered a side of myself I never knew existed.. I was challenged from which I found new strength…’ 
~ Donna

'EV was an intimate and gentle journey to share and unlock my creative potential . . .'

~ Shaeh

'I found a different confidence and love of myself. I will do this course again. On one hand it challenged me to give myself permission to express my own voice with clarity and confidence yet at the same time it was oh so nurturing.'
~ Sarah

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