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Revolutionize the way you Live, Love and Lead as a woman!


Queendom is a vibrant community of creative entrepreneurial women and Feminine Leadership program that is designed to support you to step into the most expansive, authentic and empowered version of yourself and elevate your creative, soul aligned mission on the planet through attuning to and optimizing the incredible intelligence and natural creative power of your cyclical female energy system.

This is groundbreaking stuff and should be recommended learning for all women.

I feel so much more deeply connected to my body and much more equipped to

listen to the changes it goes through so I can look after and nurture myself as

needed. I can’t recommend this work enough, there’s something so powerful

about sitting in circle with like minded women and journeying together. You

will learn so much from your sisters and they will be fierce cheerleaders –

allowing you to be seen, authentic and raw. After doing Queendom I feel like

I’ve uncovered a new layer to my self awareness which will support me in my

achieving my goals while staying connected to myself and grounded in my body.’

-Amy (Dancer / Educator) @some_souls_crave_dance

Combining both contemporary Health Science, Psychology, Somatic Psychotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, with ancient feminine wisdom, Sacred Female Yoga, Embodied Meditation, Fertility dance and Voice activation, 'Queendom' is a uniquely female centered coaching system that will transform your leadership approach as a woman, increase your productivity, enhance your creative potential, empower you to be to be more successful in your business AND cultivate higher levels of well-being in your life.







Hi, I'm Kattimoni, I am a Music Artist, Therapist, Mentor and Creative Warrior Queen on a mission to elevate feminine consciousness on the planet and empower heart-centered, visionary women; Artists, Musicians, Designers, Film-makers, Creative Industry professionals, Coaches, Healers and Therapists who know that they're here to be leaders and change-makers, who have a deep desire to share their creative gifts and make a positive impact in the world and who are ready to step into their highest potential and bring forth their most powerhouse, next-level self.

It's very rarely lack of talent or knowledge that stop us from chasing

our dreams and following our purpose. Burnout, emotional

overwhelm, lack of clarity, confidence, self-worth and support are

some of the biggest obstacles that really limit us from stepping into

our power and shining our unique light into the world.

Queendom is here to shift the paradigm of sustainable success

and leadership for entrepreneurial women. We have an incredible

freedom and opportunity to create our lives and businesses on our

own terms. We don't have to be confined to the linear Monday -

Friday 9-5 structure, we have the capacity to design our own

system, one that is deeply attuned to our cyclical feminine nature

one that centres and prioritizes holistic well-being and values our

full spectrum expression and experience of being a wombyn.


'The insights and tools I gained through Queendom are exponential in value and I believe     that what I gained will be an asset to my well-being for the rest ofmy life! It was ground             breaking to discover the true value and meaning of my own wise, feminine cyclic                       nature on a much deeper level than I could have imagined and to have the                              opportunity to shift my mindset and embodied experience.

                 For me, this work represents a paradigm revolution for women who want to                          redefine sovereignty and embody true feminine wisdom. I believe that through                      this process, empowered women can bring unimaginable value to the broader                      community. I feel confident to say that the modern world has a lot to gain from                    this information. 

              I experienced Queendom as a cohesive body of work that completely reframed my            relationship to myself as a woman and planted seeds for what I expect will transform my lifestyle in the longer term, as I continue to integrate and draw from what I learned. Queendom has exponential value and was one of the best investments of my life.'

-Emmaline (Creative Director)

Whether you've been in business for years, you're freelancing or you're wanting to birth a new project into being, Queendom is a digital program that guides you through a process of upgrading your well-being, elevating your mindset and revolutionizing your leadership approach in business, creative projects and life so that you can feel fully embodied, vibrant and alive in your feminine vitality and driven to take inspired action towards actualizing your creative dreams whilst being held, supported and championed by an incredible community of heart centred women and mentored by me!


What you will receive;

✨   Queendom handbook full of educational resources and coaching modules that will equip         you with knowledge, tools and systems that will empower you for LIFE

✨   Access to an online portal of home practices, complete with curated playlists and audio / visual guides of 4 x 1hr sacred somatic embodiment processes designed specifically to support you in each phase of your menstrual cycle

✨   A series of weekly masterclasses and online group coaching calls to help you to integrate the training and activate transformation

✨   Life-time connection to a team of like-minded, powerhouse, creative women supporting you, celebrating you and sharing the journey with you via our private FB group.


🔥 Enhance your personal power and creative potential 🔥

🔥 Release negative beliefs, emotional blockages and limitations 🔥

🔥 Develop powerful embodied leadership qualities as a woman 🔥

🔥 Upgrade your mindset, confidence and well-being 🔥

"To any woman who is thinking of participating in Queendom..... Do it!

There is so much power in reclaiming your body. I discovered the alchemy

that exists inside my womb. I learnt about the medicine that each part of

the wombs cycle holds and how to harness that energy through deep

questions, exercises, dancing, movement and yoga.

What I loved about Queendom was how the circle of women held

eachother so tenderly and so fiercely at the same time. I loved just how

much juicy information was readily at our fingertips. After doing

Queendom I feel hopeful. Hopeful about a future where the feminine

and masculine are balanced and leadership is lead through the heart.'

-Amber (Singer, Healer)

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