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There are many reasons why people may seek out arts therapy. Perhaps you are going through a challenging period of transition in life; a relationship breakup, grieving the loss of a loved one. You may be feeling stressed, anxious, lonely, depressed or overwhelmed with life. You might just be feeling stuck and lack direction/ motivation and are searching to find a deeper meaning or purpose.

Transpersonal Art Therapy is an inclusive and multi-faceted approach to well-being that integrates expressive arts and creativity (writing, painting, drawing, poetry, music, drama and movement) as a tool to help express that which words cannot and to help give tangible form and expression to that which may often be an intangible experience. Creativity is used as a tool to access, draw out and explore deeper layers of the human psyche, to gain personal insights and to support and facilitate transformation and change. Anybody can try art therapy. The focus is not on artistic ability or the end product but on the journey and insights gained from the experience.   

In contrast to many conventional forms of counselling or therapy which may involve an element of analysis, diagnosis or advice giving, the transpersonal approach recognizes the power and potential of you as an individual for self-development, self-healing and self-realization. I believe that YOU posses your OWN inner medicine and wisdom for transformation within you. Nobody is a bigger expert on your life and your experience, than YOU. My intention as a therapist is to hold a safe and confidential space of unconditional support so you can surface the issues and concerns that are relevant and important to you.


I will accompany and guide you on a healing journey of exploration which allows you to access your own inner wisdom, resources, knowledge and potential for growth and wellbeing.

"I honestly didn't expect anyone would be able to get me to sing, at all. I've never had a shred of confidence to try but I love harmonies, and I really wanted someone to help me get brave enough to sing. Katt took me from being unable to make the slightest sound in front of anyone, to singing confidently into a microphone, on stage with a band! I still don't know how she did it. Some mystical blend of enthusiasm, creative techniques, and relentless encouragement perhaps? Whatever it is, it works for me. I never even knew how much I wanted to sing, and I feel so lucky to have found someone who can lure my passion out of hiding, gently and naturally!"  

-Sarah M, North Melbourne

'Coming to Katt's singing lessons is like visiting a friend. She is inspiring, kind and welcoming. Katt has definitely helped me improve my voice and confidence' 

-Brooke S, Maribyrnong

'I was really nervous about learning to sing and was worried about what kind of teacher I would get. I couldn't have had a more refreshing and reassuring experience. From the get-go Katti is engaged, open and focused. Katti invites you to get the most out of your lessons and to develop your passion for music with all manner of creative techniques and learning opportunities. The lessons involve a lot of fun and laughs. With Katti's encouragement I really believe I can do something with my singing, I thank you tremendously, Katti, for cementing a belief in myself'

- Victoria, Footscray

"Kattimoni was fantastic as she guided me through our singing sessions, giving me space to grow and create in a safe and supportive environment. I was fairly shy with my original rap-poetry songs but through her useful guidance, openness and techniques, I just kept creating more and more material, improving as I went. Thank you for the inspiration, knowledge and mentorship."

-Anna L Webb

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