'A vocal powerhouse with a whole lot of soul'

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A vibrant creative force and visionary voice for change, Kattimoni (KATTI-MON-NI ) is a juicy soul Queen, a multidisciplinary Music Artist, Speaker and Creation Coach on a mission to activate empowerment and social change through the arts.


Her infectious live performances are a transmission of full permission and fierce grace that showcase a unique fusion of genres, stylistically transitioning between powerhouse raw soul, driving deep funk rhythms, energetic reggae grooves and juicy jazz infused melodies entwined with a natural mystic hip-hop flow. Inspired by creativity as a catalyst for transformation, Kattimoni weaves music together with spoken word poetry, luscious ambient soundscapes, sensual feminine dance and ritual that alchemizes pain into beauty and adversity into power.


Recorded at Radiate Productions with a fiery 9 piece band featuring a stellar line-up of local and international musicians produced by Bisho Abdelsayed, (YolanDa Brown, Mike Stern, Adrian Belew), her debut album 'Rise Up Radiate' shines audaciously like a beacon of hope and celebrates the incredible resilience and potential of the human spirit to RISE.


Kattimoni has worked alongside iconic music artists including Ronan Keating, Kate Cebrano, Christine Anu and Ross Wilson and performed across the Australian Festival Circuit in recent years with highlights at; The National Multicultural Festival, Moomba Festival, Melbourne White Night, Rainbow Serpent, St Kilda Festival, Moonee Valley Festival, Sounds of Summer Festival and Nightjar Festival.


Travelling extensively from the age of 14 she has been influenced by a diversity of global music, culture and traditions throughout her life. She sings in multiple languages and spent several years touring nationally and internationally (Timor Leste, Malaysia) as a vocalist with 'Sol Nation', delivering an exuberant live show of high-energy reggae, samba, funk, salsa, East Timorese folk and African dance music with a strong global conscience.

‘Focus your mind on the greater possibility 

You’re the creator of your own destiny’

An ambassador for self-love, empowerment and feminine leadership, Kattimoni is also an inspirational Speaker, Voice Coach, Yogini & Arts Psychotherapist who mentors people to find their voice, up-level their mindset and activate their personal power to live their most juicy, creative and empowered life.

She facilitates workshops and programs with schools, community groups and organisations and also leads a community of conscious creators through her online coaching programs.

Her debut single, 'Go Around Come Around' received acclaim and support from radio around Australia, premiering at #4 on the Triple J Unearthed Charts and her highly anticipated debut album 'Rise Up, Radiate' is out now across all digital platforms.

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